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Pocket Worn® Crandall Jig Gray Bone Medium Stockman - Case Knife - 58413

Pocket Worn® Crandall Jig Gray Bone Medium Stockman - Case Knife - 58413

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Our distinctive Gray Bone with extra Pocket Worn® finishing and easy-sharpening carbon steel blades will make these knives feel like familiar old friends that are always willing to lend an extra hand. Stockman's pack three blades in a convenient but very practical pocket knife. The Clip and Sheepfoot blade sit on the pocket end while the Spey blade sits on the cap end. The Clip blade is commonly used as a multi-purpose blade and preferred for detail work. The Sheepfoot blade allows for added strength at the point making it great for carving and achieving a clean cut. The Spey blade is great for light work. This knife is fitted with high carbon steel blades known for their high tensile strength, wear resistance, and toughness. Many prefer this steel for its edge retention and ease of re-sharpening. Since these are not stainless steel blades, a thin coat of oil applied on them after each use can help maintain their original finish. Comes conveniently packaged in a box. Made in Bradford, PA, USA from domestic and imported materials.

  • Mirror-polished carbon steel blades
  • Clip, Sheepfoot, and Spey blades
  • Crandall jig Gray Bone handle; Case oval script shield
  • Length: 3.25 inches closed and 1.7 ounces
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Note: Because we use hand-crafting and natural materials your knife may not look exactly as depicted.

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