We are currently working on creating an interactive online Old Sautee Store Museum!

A Brief History of the Old Sautee Store

Here at the Old Sautee Store, founded in 1872, we continue the long tradition of good olde country hospitality. We believe that when you visit us online or in the store you deserve the kind of hearty welcome that just came naturally to folks when times were a little simpler, the merchandise was quality, and above all useful. We try very hard to give you, our customers and friends, that same feeling you once experienced. We offer great products that we have selected very carefully for quality, uniqueness, affordability, and lasting pleasure. We fill our store with time-tested merchandise such as Colombia, Life is Good, Woolrich and an old-time candy selection to bring back those childhood memories, our famous Farmers Cheese, and other cheeses from around the world, foods and fresh-baked goods from our own bakery. We appreciate you taking the time to visit us on-line. Please let us know how we can help you, and when you can come see us in the store–we’ll be sure to give you a hearty welcome.